"I started with Dr. Knowles over two years ago for a running injury. He clearly explained the issue and how he would treat it. In the end, he got me back into a pain-free running state. Excellent service, friendly and professional."
Knowles Chiropractic Office
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Why Can We Serve You Best?

  1. All services in our office are delivered personally by Dr. Knowles, our highly skilled primary care physician. He works with you to provide individualized treatment that is best fit for your body.
  2. We provide traditional hands-on adjustment, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation therapy and other time-tested techniques to provide the relief you need.
  3. In a car accident? Suffering from chronic pain? Knowles Chiropractic Office works with all situations and ages. We will develop a plan that can fit your needs.

What You Can Expect

Visit us to feel the relief you have been looking for!

At Knowles Chiropractic our patients have described feeling:

Individualized Treatment

At Knowles Chiropractic you receive personal evaluations from our doctor, Dr. Knowles, and no one else. He takes you through all areas of treatment to provide the best overall care possible. Since your immediate discomfort may be different from the originating source of pain, we offer an initial examination that includes:

Payment Options

At Knowles Chiropractic we want your payment process to be as hassle free as possible. Our services and fees are based on the quality of materials we use and the level of expertise we employ in performing your needed chiropractic treatments. For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:


Insurance can be complicated. As a curtesy to you, we handle direct billing for all our participating insurance companies. Please bring all necessary insurance information with you on your first visit.

Most Insurances Accepted:

Other Insurances Accepted:

Additional payment arrangements may be available.


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950 North Phoenix Road, Suite C-103
Medford, OR 97504